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the flash crash.

Unlike super speedster, The Flash, as referred to in DC Comics, Adobe’s Flash is quite the opposite. Slow, insecure and lacking responsiveness, I doubt even the Justice League will be able to save Flash this time.

In 2010, Steve Jobs wrote an essay about why Flash would never be included in Apple’s mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones. Today (five years later) his essay rings true as we, designers and marketers, give Flash the cold shoulder. With websites like – “The movement to rid the world of the Flash Player plugin,” it is expected that we are indeed moving to a generation where we won’t get that pesky “Install Flash Player Plugin” pop-up box anymore (thank goodness).

We appreciate Flash for what it was – an entry into this uber technological era of video, instant gratification and ease of video watching on-demand. That said, we’re ready to bid it farewell for a handful of reasons (to name a few):

• Its buggy – Sites with Flash load slowly, don’t seem to respond well and simply put, are not user-friendly. According to Steve Jobs’ essay icing out Flash Player, he cites it as the number one reason for Mac crashes.

• Lack of Responsiveness – Flash just isn’t responsive. As mentioned prior, none of the Apple mobile devices have Flash capabilities and neither do many other operating systems. With at least 60% of all internet traffic happening on mobiles, there’s no way any business wants their site running with Flash.

• Limits your SEO (search engine optimization) – Flash integration on your website lowers the amount of info that is fed to Google, resulting in lower ranking. If Google can’t see you, they won’t list you. Here’s an article digging a little deeper into this.

• Insecurity – Flash just doesn’t have self-confidence anymore. With so many security issues being unveiled by hacking teams, Mozilla has gone to the extent of blocking it altogether. This leads into my next topic, extinction…

• Extinction – I’ve read in a few company blogs that they’ll be redesigning, restructuring and basically entering the age sans Flash within the next year. Of course, there will still be some corporate stragglers, but as usage becomes less, Flash functions, security and innovation will also diminish.

It seems Adobe’s Flash Golden Age and Silver Age have been long gone and there’s really no place for it in the Modern Age.


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