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beer picks.


We wish Brewfest came more than once a year. In reminiscing on the deliciousness, we thought we’d post our picks from Maui Brewfest 2015 in hopes that these beers will revisit us next year!

Steve’s Rankings:
3. Maui Brewing Co: Island Root Beer
A locally produced soda made with island sourced ingredients so thumbs up for that. Also hard to find in most stores so extra bonus.
2. The Bruery: Or Xata
More tea-like than a fountain horchata at Fiesta Time but they somehow nailed making a horchata inspired ale.
1. Headlands Brewing: BA Lightship Bohemian Pilsner

I like sour beers so this was a winner. Not sure how a barrel-aged beer was in the non-vip section.

Sae’s Choices:
3. Ballast Point Brewing Co. – Grapefruit Sculpin IPA
2. Lost Coast Brewery – Tangerine Wheat Ale
1. Modern Times Beer – Fortunate Islands Tropical Wheat

Maria’s one and only:

Smog City Brewing’s Coffee Porter. With 5 lbs of coffee per barrel it tastes like pure coffee! I’m not usually a big coffee drinker but I love dark beers and the unexpected blend of flavors was super good & unique.

Lee’s Fave:
Curious Traveler – Lemon Shandy. Couldn’t help it because I love shandy’s in general.


MCFCU Shoot Day.

Fun, creative, jam-packed day yesterday shooting for the Maui County Federal Credit Union website and collateral. A great team made a great day!

Photography: Tony Novak-Clifford, Hair/Makeup: Camille Kozuki

IMG_1706-e1436988298965 copy



Interning at Sae Design.

hawaiian graphic design noni illustration native art hawaii kamehameha maui wailuku

Designing awesome things all day is fun. But it’s no fun if you don’t share. That’s why we recently hosted Kamehameha Schools Maui student Sarah Ikioka as an intern at our Wailuku office. Working together with Sarah was a blast, not to mention she is super talented. Check out some of the work she did while she was with us.

hawaiian graphic design noni illustration native art hawaii kamehameha maui wailuku

Sarah also wrote us this super nice “thank you” letter after completing her internship. Aloha Sarah, hope to work with you again in

July 8, 2015

Aloha Sae,

Mahalo no for allowing me to intern at your office during the last three weeks of June. It was such an amazing experience I will never forget. I really appreciate everything you have done for me.

It was fun and interesting to learn about the different types of programs to edit certain pictures and fonts. The internship made me realize the importance of taking the right classes when I’m off to college, and making sure I pay attention. I also need to increase my knowledge in computers!

Everyone in the office was so friendly and made sure I got a little taste of the work ethic in the graphic design field. I learned a lot just by watching and listening to Pat and also applying the skills that he gave me. After working with you all, I am even more determined and motivated to pursue my dream in the Graphic Design field.

Thank you again for making this special learning opportunity available to me. I hope that one day after graduating from college, I’ll be able to work with you and your friendly staff again!

Mahalo nui loa,
Sarah Ikioka
Junior at Kamehameha Schools Maui Campus